Go Skate Day Writing Excercise

5:27am June Twenty First, I slowly adjust to the room light and temperature and relieve my eyes from sleep and feel it crumble down my cheeks. Twenty minutes into the first day of summer of twenty 14 is enough motive to skip the snooze button. Coffee on, shower heating up, teeth brushed and cigarette pressed between my lips interchangeably with a sip of Black Columbian Java infused with Pure Mexican Vanilla Bean Extract. As I lace up my straight-outta-box pair of Lakai shoes I realize the damage my skateboard’s fresh grip-tape will cause. Selecting your wardrobe is imperative on Go-Skate-Day as there will be hundreds of filmers hoping to get the best angle for shooting thousands of skaters as they tear up the streets of Vancouver. A well-known skate community Announcer leads the pact to several famous Vancouver Spots where money is awarded for whoever can land the tricks he calls out.

‘No Skateboarding Signs’ are ignored on this day as the Police stand-by, watching powerlessly, as they would during the annual 4:20 at the Vancouver Art Gallery. It’s a day where skaters unite and the whole community is brought together for one purpose: The Love of the Sport. Age is insignificant and skill is variable. What matters is socializing, attaining goals by progressively learning tricks, and having a hobby to stay away from crime.

The real crime that happened this year was the arrest of 17 kids, thus shutting down Go-Skate-Day forever!

5:27am June Twenty First, I slowly adjust to the room light but not temperature, I’m drenched in sweat. Take a second to think and sigh….. Fieuf, Let’s go skate!


About SummerBody14

I've tried and failed miserably to increase my fitness and mental intelligence; if I don't succeed this summer, I never will. Should you choose to follow, I promise to stimulate your mind and provide great life and fitness tips.

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  1. Creative. The details you included painted a vivid picture of the event and your reaction to what occurred.

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