Summer Goals

3 Main Goals
-Better mine, then people’s lives
-Lose enough body fat to expose abs
-Articulate interesting information

*(The Bad Syntax and Sentence Composition are left intentionally unedited in all posts. This will act as a benchmark and a progress tracker for my future developed writing skills)

Better Life
Life hacks are birth of Creativity, and that’s by biggest quality. I want to find interesting ways to achieve my goals, and I know it’s happening this summer. People are the most fascinating and complicated things of this planet making them very difficult to understand, but, If you can do one good deed for somebody and make them smile for a second or make them feel good, you don’t need to understand why they feel that way, but know that you made it happened and a fire will spark inside you as well. Yesterday was GO SKATE DAY in Vancouver, and a fellow names Karl was walking the streets picking up garbage and making BC Beautiful! We gave him a beer, smoke and sparked up a conversation as he kept picking up ketchup wrappers and coffee cups from the buses. He learnt from us that Cirque de Soleil was putting on a fireworks show at 10:30 and as he walked away said “WOW I didn’t know that, AWESOME! I’m going to bring my girl back here and she’s going to absolutely love it!” He walked into the sunset and turned his head for a few more words “You just made my night, thanks guys.”

Something as simple as a suggestion can create a memorable evening. This little encounter motivates me to find more ways to put smiles of people’s faces.

For over 8 years I’ve been trying and failing to achieve my fitness goals. I’ve been on an off diets and work out programs more than blades of grass in a Football field. I don’t even know how many that is, but what I can tell you is that I will never achieve those goals if I don’t succeed this summer. How this technique is different is that I’m going to be posing Daily only this Blog and hopefully find some support from others who wish to transform their lives. I will not only physically change, but also mentally; Binge Drinking and Watching TV will be replaced by Social Drinking with Good Company and Reading.

Spring 2014
190lbs at 5’11 age 24
Skateboarding is my main source of Cardio, about 12 hours per week and after a long day, I go home and binge eat anything from the fridge. Sure I need to restore my sore muscles but I need to plan ahead what I will be eating post skating. I hit the gym twice a week and then end up eating shitty food and a lot of it. I have a mentality that “ooh I just worked so hard, I should reward myself by eating this muffin and chocolate milk.” I’m not fat I just have high standards for how much should be on my body. I ask myself why my legs are at work carrying around this lard everywhere I go and I’m not fully satisfied with myself. I would much prefer the labor my legs go through is carrying only muscle. I don’t want to get HUGE of Fitness Model RIPPED, just have a 6 pack as an additional key to attraction.

Don’t need these anymore:
-35 Drinks/week

Will work on:
-Eating Habits
-Weight Training Goals

Right now, I can’t tell a captivating, let alone a regular informative story. This leaves me in a socially awkward and timid situation where I don’t want to converse with anybody due to my trepidation of sounding stupid. I avoid situations where I will meet people and find myself alone and comfortable more than anybody else. When all my friend go camping they each have somebody to keep them company for the 2 hour ride. I fill the inside of my truck and say there’s no room for anybody and I ride quietly alone. When I drink, I am a much better communicator, so I need to find that confidence from great information and start sharing when I’m sober. I know I have it in me I just need to find the right audience to listen to content suitable for them.

I need to read and write everyday, so this is why I have started this blog and I hope to inspire other people with my success. I promise to have a lot of details about my goals and many stories and great examples to keep your interests peaked.


About SummerBody14

I've tried and failed miserably to increase my fitness and mental intelligence; if I don't succeed this summer, I never will. Should you choose to follow, I promise to stimulate your mind and provide great life and fitness tips.

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